Maria Lähteenmäki & Päivi Maria Pihlaja (Ed.): The North Calotte 2005

The number of academic studies on the northernmost areas of Europe has increased rapidly over the last forty years. The exploitation of the natural resources of areas remote from the centres of power, the problematization of the position of minority peoples and the interest in the history and culture og everyday life of ordinary people have opened up new perspectives on the past and present of Europe´s northernmost region, the North Calotte. 

It is the objective of this anthology, on one hand, to present current research studies and directions and, on the other, to emphasize the interest in the northern part of Europe as a subject of research. This collection of articles would make a suitable textbook for university-level study and to all researchers of northern regions. 

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178 pages. 
ISBN 952-5343-21-9 
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Nid. 178 s. 
ISBN 952-5343-21-9 
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