Hanna Snellman: "The road taken" 2005

The history of Finnish Lapland is a history of labor migration. First, in the late 19th Century, people travelled from the South to Lapland in search of work in the timber industry. A hundred years later, in the 1960s and 70s, many of their grandchildren’s generation took the same journey in reverse in search of work in southern Finland, Sweden, or across the oceans in the New World. This book is about the everyday lives of those migrant workers in Lapland and in Sweden. The primary source for this book is the narratives of the migrant workers. They tell their own story. Hanna Snellman is a Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland, and this book is part of her study of the resilience of migrants. 

181 pages 
ISBN 952-5343-26-X 
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Nid. 181 sivua 
ISBN 952-5343-26-X 
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