Editorial work

Lehtola recounts:
”Apart from guild publications, the Kaltio theme issue in 1982 was the first extensive editorial task I did myself from planning to editing the writings and illustration. I learned the pain of editorial work already then: the first writing came right on the next day after the request, but then it took almost a year to hunt for the rest of the writings! Editing the Tuppivyö publication of Inari college was easy in the sense that you could put the students on the job.”

Lapland’s cultural periodical, Pohjoistuuli, became the ”forerunner of the new age” for a while in Lapland’s cultural life at the turn of the 1990s. It introduced Lapland’s young painters and writers, debated the problems of modern society and covered current issues by writing about the fundamental philosophy of football in the heat of the World Cup.

Young, i.e. in their early thirties, radicals were condescending towards the traditional Northern Finnish cultural magazine Kaltio. According to Tuure Holopainen, chief editor of Kaltio at that time, Lehtola blurted in some cultural event that Kaltio is as good a magazine as it was at its birth 50 years ago. When Pohjoistuuli was later discontinued, Tuure stated that Pohjoistuuli is exactly as good a magazine as it was before it was born!

Later Lehtola became Holopainen’s successor as chief editor of Kaltio (1996-1998). 


The Sámi People – Traditions in Transition (Kustannus-Puntsi – Alaska University Press)


Muitaleaddjiid maŋisboahttit (Giellagas-instituhtta)
Nuorra idealisttaid joavku vuodduđii Beaivváš Sámi Teáhtera 1980-logu álggus. 

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