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Kustannus-Puntsi is the northernmost publishing house in the European Union. The main office of the family enterprise is located in Inari and the special interests are Lapland, the Sámi and northern issues. The company is specialised in arctic issues to the extent that all founding members were born 300 kilometres north of the Polar Circle, and only one of them in summer. Two of them have been regular ice swimmers.

Puntsi was born in 1996 to ensure that not only exotic and purposefully commercial literature on Lapland and the Sámi would be published. Puntsi is focused on high-quality non-fiction, but has also produced wilderness literature and fiction. Puntsi’s partners have included Sámi Parliament, University of Lapland, Northern Photographic Centre and the Provincial Library of Lapland.

The company name "Puntsi" comes from the Sámi word bunci, which means a number of things, such as peg, enthusiasm and tinkering. When a Sámi gets exhausted, "puntsi drops". When strength returns, it’s called Kustannus-Puntsi. Also a person or a company with too high self-esteem is bunci. The mother of the publishers was born next to Puntsitieva in Karigasniemi.

In English-speaking countries, the company is known as Kustannus-Puntsi Publisher, while Germans recognise it as Puntsi Verlag.




The Sámi People – Traditions in Transition (Kustannus-Puntsi – Alaska University Press)


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Nuorra idealisttaid joavku vuodduđii Beaivváš Sámi Teáhtera 1980-logu álggus. 

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